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Samantha Golbuff

Samantha is an enthusiastically-driven, right-brained, and witty graphic designer located in the DSM Metro area. Self-motivated with an eye for detail, Samantha pushes for unorthodox creativity and collaboration in a variety of projects. Her ability to encourage critique enables the betterment of her skills, and allows for design-centered dialogue.

Dad's Fridge Co. 

Dad’s Fridge Co. is a lifestyle brand compiled of visual/verbal nostalgia that hones the memory of our younger, charismatic selves. Countless times, I remember the childhood version of me running out to the beer fridge to fetch my dad a cold one. A quick dash out of the coolness of AC and a barefoot run on the hot concrete, our almond-colored garage fridge had a comforting sound of clinking bottles and aluminum cans. This capstone explores beer-fridge culture; a nod to the shared experience in families who own not just a fridge for their groceries, but a fridge for something to beat those hot Summer days.

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