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Our Senior Story

The college journey of the class of 2023 was marked by an intriguing beginning, as COVID forced them to return home before they could complete their CORE semester. Throughout their sophomore year, they adapted to the challenges of online classes amidst the pandemic. Collaborating with their peers virtually, they became proficient in navigating the digital platform and discovering novel ways of cooperation.

Some students pursued enriching experiences, such as studying abroad and participating in the Rome program, broadening their cultural and design knowledge. Others opted for internships, gaining valuable insights from industry professionals.


As their senior year dawns, they have reunited with their peers in the classroom and are working side-by-side on their capstone projects. Having come full circle in their journey at Iowa State, they eagerly anticipate their upcoming graduation and the professional opportunities that lie ahead.

What is a
capstone project?

In our final year of study at the College of Design we undertake a semester-long project to showcase what we have learned in our years at Iowa State University. In this semester each student chooses a design problem or solution, conducts research, develops design concepts, and creates a final solution. Ultimately this demonstrates the student’s ability to apply design principles and techniques to real-world problems. This solution may take the form of branding, packaging, web design, print design, or any other form of visual communication.

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